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Globsite.Globalization is a library dedicated to improve and simplify globalization of ASP.NET applications.
The package contains the database resource provider model, which allows you to store resources in database in a really easy and straightforward way.
Because the library extends the ASP.NET Resource-Provider Model, you can still use a standard, comfortable convention of using resources in .NET applications.

Main Features

  • By storing resources in database we can easily edit them, use multiple, third-party tools to manage the process of localization and change resource values without further compilations.
  • Strongly Typed Resources functionality is provided with an easy to use T4 template.
  • Configuration is very flexible and powerful, but also simplified and intuitive.
  • Return value for not found resource can be customized and lets to avoid problems with a standard NULL value.
  • Provides automatic creation of a database table for resources using T4 Template, freeing from manual execution of SQL scripts.
  • All resources are stored in a consistent manner, in a single database table.
  • Ability to use independent database to store resources (e.g. database shared with some other applications).
  • Stored strings can be of any length and contain any characters.
  • Getting and setting of a current culture for the application is easier.
  • Access to resources may be case sensitive or insensitive.
  • Missing resources can be created automatically, when they will be used in the application.
  • Loading mechanism is very effective, because resources are loaded only once for each set and each culture. Resources are also loaded only when they are actually needed, which prevents excessive load the application memory.
  • Installation process is simple and complex and can be provided by a NuGet package.
  • Name of a resource table in database can be customized (e.g. in the case of naming conflicts).
  • Generation of Strongly Typed Resources' classes is configurable.
  • Allows to manage resources and collaborate with translators using a dedicated online tool:

NuGet Package


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